Immanuel University (India) is a Christian university for the poor. The vision of the university is to provide high-quality, low-cost undergraduate and graduate education to the marginalized youth of India, specifically the Dalit Youth.
The initiative of Immanuel University came through a couple living in Washington State, who felt that God had called them in 2011 to concentrate their giving on something significant, a Christian university in India. This couple felt a strong calling to give toward this work, and deeply admired the visionary leadership of Bishop Joab Lohara. Unbeknownst to them, Bishop Joab had held this university as a dream for the impoverished youth of India. The work was thus started in obedience to this calling in May 2011, and, by the fall of 2012, the MBA program was officially launched on the newly acquired campus property.

The campus began with the purchase of 10 acres outside of Hyderabad and since 2012 has added 15 additional acres for a total of 25 acres. Following the construction of the Immanuel Business School, the administration has added a 10-room guest house for visiting faculty and friends; a large hall known as Celebration Hall, where chapels, worship and concerts are held; the McKenna School of Leadership; the Men’s Dorm that holds 60 students; and the Women’s Dorm that holds 96.A College of Theology has been fully funded and is being added during 2018.

Educational Programs include:
- Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.)
- Master in Leadership (M.A.)
- Master in English (M.A.)
- Bachelor in Theology (B.Th)
- Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
- Bachelor of Commerce (B.A.)
The MBA program boasts a record of 100% employment of its graduates, generally within 3-4 months following graduation. These graduates have been placed in Fortune 500 companies throughout India, with one graduate in United States and another in Dublin, Ireland. Most of the B.Th. students will join the ministry to the Free Methodist Church of India following graduation. The M.A. Leadership students will be placed in non-governmental organizations and church ministry positions throughout India.


From the beginning, the university has been governed by a Board of Directors in India chaired by Dr. Bishop Joab Lohara. The Indian Board governs the affairs of the university apart from the advocacy work of Friends of Immanuel University. 
Visit Immanuel Business School’s website to learn more about the institution itself.